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Organizational Dynamics

Does your interpersonal relationship with your boss influence whether you have a pleasant work environment?

Your relationship with your boss marks how pleasant eight hours of work can be. That is the importance of having a good relationship with the boss. Many times, we strive to do the perfect job to satisfy the boss, but we feel that no matter how hard we try, our deliverable does not meet their expectations. It is there where I would say, let's change our strategy, let's appeal to the emotional part, that no matter how insensitive someone seems to be, there is always, always an Achilles heel that touches the emotions of any person.

On some occasions our bosses do not know what they want. They only know that there is a need to satisfy a client, but there are numerous alternatives to do so: which is the most appropriate?; which will give better results?; and which will provide more growth for the company? So, sometimes our bosses are distant or distracted since they also feel pressured, but this does not mean that they disagree with us or that they do not like us; bosses simply need time to assimilate the pressure and difficulties of their jobs.

I remember one boss, with whom I had a very good relationship. I certainly attribute it to our good communication, which was due to my opportunity to get to know him more as a person than just as a boss. In other words, I had the opportunity to meet his family, his wife, and daughters, and in this way, I understood that he was someone as normal as I was, with fears and insecurities, someone who did not have the answers for all situations, but there I was, reporting to him, as part of his work team tasked to jointly find the right answers.

I can say without a doubt that part of our good relationship was that we both opened up as people and that several times I supported him on family issues, which were not in my job description, but when they were addressed, they gave me satisfaction and resulted in him giving me a big thank you. For this boss that I remember fondly, the welfare and care of his family was his Achilles heel. It was thus that we began a more emotional than transactional work relationship, and we were both more tolerant with each other, more humane and more understanding.

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