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Micro Facial Expressions To Read The Minds Of Collaborators And Colleagues

Micro expressions arise subconsciously and are difficult to suppress. We share some and their meanings:

1. Surprise: The eyebrows are likely to be raised and curved. You may notice horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. Notice if the eyelids are open and the white of the eye is shown above and below the pupil.

2. Fear: The eyebrows will rise and join, usually in a straight line. There may also be wrinkles in the center of the forehead, right between the eyebrows, but not transversely. Their eyes may show the upper white, but not the lower white.

3. Disgust: The eyes may be narrow and the nose may be slightly wrinkled. Watch for a quick flash of the upper teeth as well.

4. Anger: The eyebrows are lowered and joined, with vertical lines between them. The lips may also become tight, with the corners facing down.

5. Happiness: It's easy to spot a fake smile if you know the trick. Look for crow's feet near the outside of the eyes. If they are not there and the lips smile, the person is not likely to convey genuine happiness.

6. Sadness: Sadness can be hard to detect. Notice if the inner corners of the eyebrows are inward and then upward, and if the corners of the lips are downward. The lower lip can also pout very slightly.

7. Contempt: If someone doesn't like you, one side of their mouth may rise slightly, looking like a smile.

If you pay attention to the non-verbal language of your collaborators and colleagues we assure you that you will obtain valuable information with micro expressions, however, micro expressions only last a fraction of a second, so you must be quick and attentive to observe them. At the beginning it will be difficult but with practice you will be able to obtain more and more information. Practice it...

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