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Emotional Intelligence

I don't judge myself; I just persevere. My first decisive moment in Interpersonal Relations.

Aristotle said, “Anyone can get mad, that is easy. But being angry with the right person, at the right intensity, at the right time, in the right way, that is not easy."

Emotional Intelligence represents the link between feelings, character, and impulses. Those who let themselves be carried away by their impulses suffer.

The ability to control impulses constitutes the basis of will and character, which lets you make the right decisions in every situation you experience.

What benefits do I get from Emotional Intelligence?

In you:

• Recognition of emotions to manage them properly.

• Impulse control before acting.

• Motivation to persevere in what you want to achieve.

With others:

• Harmonious interpersonal relationships by understanding the feelings and thoughts of others.

The goal of our journey is to understand the interaction of the different brain structures that govern our anger and our fears or our passions and our joys.

Our learned emotional habits can destroy our relationships at work or with our partner, family, and friends. Genetic inheritance has endowed us with emotional baggage that determines our temperament. But the brain circuits in emotional activity are malleable, we cannot affirm that our inherited character determines our destiny. The emotional experiences we had at home and at school during childhood shape our emotional circuits, allowing us to become more apt or more inept in managing Emotional Intelligence.

Let us remember the first years of childhood, how we used to be when we began to interact in the playground of our school. We went from our house, where attention was focused on us, to a place where we have to learn to live in harmony with other little people, who until yesterday were unknown and on top of the maternal image that we used to be accustomed to, we go to the image of a teacher, who in turn had to get to know me and earn my trust. We can call this my first moment of truth regarding interpersonal relationships.

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